Vegan Hamburger

Servings: About 04 burgers. The amount of burgers will depend on the size that they are modelled.

use in this recipe


  • 01 baked sweet potato, mashed and peeled
  • 01 raw carrot gratted fine
  • 02 tablespoons full of Sustemil Veggie
  • 02 shallow tablespoons grated onion
  • Salt, black pepper and chopped parsley to taste.


With clean hands, mix all the ingredients in a large bowl until you get consistent dough. Sprinkle salt, pepper and chopped parsley in the whole mixture to season it evenly. Shape the dough in hamburger press. Heat the frying pan with a fillet of olive oil over medium heat. Grill 5-8 minutes or until the desired cooking point.


Serve it with salad. To make your burger even tastier, use maionese vegana.