About Us


Searching, developing and providing products for a plentiful and healthy life. The first clinical nutrition factory in Minas Gerais is fruit of a passion cultivated for three decades and was born with the following philosophy: being a reference in quality and excellence of products to become the best national industry of its sector.  With its own research and development laboratory, state-of-the-art equipment and specialized professionals (food engineers, nutritionists, pharmacists and chemists), Nutricium achieved the highest standard of excellence in manufacturing clinical nutrition products. Our team is able to meet the strictest industry standards. This way, the company ensures the quality control and the adequate logistics to meet our supply chain needs.




We believe that food is not just fuel, but also affection. The same way the mother or grandmother cooks with love for the people she loves, we must put sense at everything we do. This way, technology and know-how can be very little if they are not filled with meaning.


Nutricium is the result of research, pioneering, persistence. Understand the meaning of what we do orientates each of our procedures. Focus on the human being in his most delicate moment, in an attentive and responsible way. Not just feeding, but nourishing.




Our work is from inside out. It starts from the particular to the wide-range. It has life as a starting point. And what is the size of a lifetime? How to measure its meaning? If this is your life or of someone you love, life is simply everything. Every story grows as we get closer to it.




We are passionate about challenges, but we are also aware that success (including financial one) is a consequence and not a goal. Our commitment is to improve life quality of those who inspire special care through the excellence of our products. With transparency and ethics, faithfulness to our peers, respect and zeal towards our employees and their families. Sharing experiences and knowledge, appreciating and respecting our direct and indirect customers. Respecting the environment.


Believing in what we do, where we are and in the professionals around us. Producing something that improves people’s lives. Having pride and satisfaction in our work. Losing sleep for what it is worth. These are the values that will lead us to each of our consumers.